Stud Closure Sale

The time has come for the Global Dorper team to retire. Our dispersal sale will be on Friday 18th August 2017. We will sell approximately 300 ewes and young ewes as well as 50 rams and young rams. Buyers will be able to interface with AuctionPlus (live video and audio streaming) which mean that international buyers can bid on ewes and have them flushed for embryos in Australia. The sale will include all our champion ewes, Lady Di, Liesbet, Angela, Pipa and Natalie. Burger will be on sale as well as ram progeny of Prince William. In 6 years of showing animals Global was crowned the most successful stud in Australia at three occasions and the most successful exhibitor at three NSW Dorper shows. Global has established three bloodlines from the original South African genetics that complement each other. Line 1 the Benchmark/Man of War/Burger line brought hardiness and big hind quarters; the Black Cat (Mickey Phillips)/Bradman/Kuiper/Prince William line added strong heads and lots of muscle; the Diesel/Gilchrist/ Pollock/ Digby line brought finesse and correctness. The sale is an opportunity for Australian breeders to introduce new bloodlines into their studs through female animals. International buyers can buy ewes to flush embryos and sell the ewes after the embryo programme.

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