What will the total cost be?

Embryo transfers is a costly exercise but a sound method to improve the quality of your breeding stock. The more embryos involved the lower the unit cost will be. Costs vary between countries. Please contact us for a quotation. For a Dorper embryo to reach you the following steps have to take place:

  • Obtaining an import permit indicating the amount of embryos to be imported
  • Flushing and freezing of the embryos
  • Leasing a flask and returning it to the vet. A flask accommodates more than 1000 embryos.
  • Obtaining an agent in the country to where the embryos are exported to receive and clear the embryos with customs
  • Arranging transportation of the flask to your country by air freight
  • Contracting a veterinary surgeon to perform the transfers. It is thus clear that the overhead costs is rather high. GLG is in a position to combined purchases of different clients resulting in a decrease in costs as the number of embryos imported affects the unit cost.

For a personal quote please contact us.

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